Beyond the square

Welcome to Quadcorp Property, a dynamic development team with a bold vision for unique, beyond-the-square placemaking that boosts local communities and larger economies.

Lang’s Corner, Wollongong (Artists impression)

Diversity is our strength

The four co-founders of Quadcorp are proud to call themselves Wollongong born and bred, with a diverse range of backgrounds including construction, logistics, finance, hospitality, property management and design. It’s this combination of insights into commercial operations that allows the team to work with tenants as partners, ensuring the developments they create meet the needs of local business leaders as well as some of Australia’s largest public sector organisations.

Focus on local

This local focus also extends to the broader team, with a concerted effort to retain and promote the absolute best design, construction, contracting and service providers in the Illawarra, proving yet again that the region is on par with the best in the world.

we value our core